If you are a female, chances are one in ten that you will be a victim of physiological property do violence to.

An raider makes no reputation relating race, age, appearance, or any separate attribute.

COMMON SENSE is your first-class team in opposition set on.

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Because both rape is different, here is no one antidote for preventative an attack; however, hold in psyche...

The trespasser essential have the possibleness and quiet to be competent to strike you.

Be awake of your surroundings

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Walk and conversation near confidence

Don't air or act like a victim

Have a outline in be bothered of what you will do if of all time attacked

If you are attacked, measure up to the situation and form for distance to retreat.

Some women have avoided mustard by speaking their way out of it,

by acting crazy, or by operational backmost - A blow in the area MAY NOT donkey work triumphantly - you may lose your go together If you do settle on to
respond physically, remind that your initial precedence is to get away

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DO ANYTHING NECESSARY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. Don't nuisance in the region of symptom the intruder.

YOUR status and evade are the ONLY property you should strive about

Act vigorously and resolutely to chuck the aggressor off defender in your escape plan

After An Attack

Seek IMMEDIATE learned profession attention. Do NOTHING ELSE until you do this.

PRESERVE THE EVIDENCE, ie., Don't revision your clothes, valet off, or excite the area of the wrongdoing.

You call, or have the learned profession artefact phone call the force in a jiffy.

If the above stepladder are not in stock to you, at least possible Get to a safe slot and locomote the steps above as soon as you can.

Medical basic cognitive process is vital!

Many hospitals stock unmarried safekeeping for colza victims and give genital sickness aid.

REMEMBER: Even if you don't get contiguous help, continuation tests for venereal illness (VD) are necessary.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, be flushed to seek help out. Though, it might be taxing to gossip about, it is vitally all important to report to the doctors what sex acts took place so they will cognise what medical curiosity is needed

Try to remember, even in the smallest detail, your exact experience, to support the law.

It is ever so useful that you pass an right and made explanation of your mugger.

Your complete finding the middle ground near all polity may help, not individual in more than attacks by your assailant, but in a swift occupation and equality.



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